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Educate a generation of children - empower a community. This unique project attempts to foster community transformation by enabling a cohort of students from pre-school age through completion of high school. In the Taldi region illiteracy is high and few students complete high school. At present 230 students from the region are enrolled  Read More...
The School
Children who complete class four at Living Hope are recommended to district secondary schools to continue their education. Living Hope maintains an active relationship with many of these children and their families after their graduation from Living Hope school.
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Living Hope was begun intentionally in 1998 in the Taldi region to serve low income families who might not otherwise have access to education and medical care for themselves and their children. Taldi is located about 35 km south of Kolkata, one of India’s largest metropolitan cities. Currently 430 children and their families are served. The families of Taldi and the surrounding villages are mostly subsistence level laborers and farmers. Most of the families live in small, bamboo, mud and thatch rooms. Illiteracy is above 50% in the region. The Living Hope staff engage the community on many levels; through the school, the medical clinic and vocational training courses in order to foster genuine community transformation.
The School The School
The School The School

Phone: +91-321-825-2060
Kheyaghat, Uttar Taldi
Taldi 743-376
District 24 Paraganas (s)
West Bengal,
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