The Taldi School
The School
Living Hope School provides primary education for 249 children of Taldi and the surrounding villages. The school has especially targeted the most disadvantaged families; many of whom would have no opportunity for education otherwise.
Parents are often more inclined to send their children to work than to school. The staff and teachers of Living Hope work with the families and community leaders to educate the parents of the value of giving their children a future hope through education.
There are 6 sections, lower KG , KG and classes 1 to 4. Children are admitted from the age of 5 to the lower KG section. On campus most of the classrooms, the school office and kitchen are simple bamboo and thatch structures. These are similar to the type rooms the children live in with their families in the Taldi community
2nd School at Notunpara.
The School
Notunpara is a small, neglected community without electricity and easy access to good education or health care.
About 40 children attend the Notunpara school. They are taught all subjects and receive a nutritious meal. One class is held for teenage youth who quit school years earlier and now hope to complete their education.
3rd Day School at Mukhumberia
The School
Living Hope operates a third day school center at Mukhumberia, West Bengal. Mukhumberia is located further south from Kolkata in a remote region. This is an especially low income community. The children are therefore provided with two meals daily, before and after classes.
Most of the students are from the tribal community families in the region. The Living Hope staff initially surveyed the region to discover which families were most neglected and deserving. The teachers and staff are carefully selected from the local community as well.

Phone: +91-321-825-2060
Kheyaghat, Uttar Taldi
Taldi 743-376
District 24 Paraganas (s)
West Bengal,
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